We are proud to announce the launch of WaterCare Recycling.

Building on our core philosophy of providing the most eco-friendly water treatment products available on the market today, it was a natural decision to progress this and develop a new area of our business dedicated to the recycling and re-purposing of ALL water filters.

Therefore, we are now able to recycle and re-purpose ALL types of plastic and aluminium water filters using our newly operational recycling facility at our Head Office in Harlow, Essex. We are also able to regenerate the expired resin from within these water filters to be used in future manufacture of new water filters.


100% Recycled

How does this benefit you?

The added value and service this new operation provides means that not only can you purchase your water filters, made right here in the UK, by WaterCare but you can also utilise this facility and help reduce plastic waste from filters to zero.

In addition, all components of any expired, unwanted or end-ofline water filters will be re-purposed or regenerated for future manufacture in our products.

Benefiting our customers and our customers’ customers

Our ability to use the recycled, high quality, raw materials in the production of our water filters is a key element in our efforts to protect the environment and continues our aim to become the most sustainable producer of water treatment products.

It also offers clients the opportunity to deliver a strong and transparent message, both internally and to their customers, that they are passionately committed to reducing plastic waste throughout the industry through the supply of sustainable, eco-friendly water filters from WaterCare.

How can you get involved?

Simple. Either send your unwanted filters back to us or contact us with details on how many you have to return and we will have them collected from you free of charge!*

What type of water filter can I send back to WaterCare recycling?

Any Water Filter. We can recycle all major brands of filter; Brita, BWT, Everpure, 3M and all other manufacturers.

*Free Collection is dependent on location and volume. Please contact us for more details and to discuss your requirements.

Our 3-Stage Recycling Process

Stage 1

Collect, disassemble & sorting of used single use water filters

1.1 Delivered

Used, expired water filters returned to us to be entered into recycling process.


1.2 Disassembly

Filters are taken apart and internal cartridges removed.


1.3 Sorting

Disassembled filters are sorted into plastics and aluminium and washed. Aluminium is sent for recycling.


Stage 2

Extraction, separation & regeneration of expired resin.

2.1 Removal

Expired resin is extracted from the filters and drained.


2.2 De-Humidify

Resin is de-humidified in preparation for carbon separation and regeneration.


2.3 Sieving

Mixed bed resin (carbon & Ion exchange beads) are sieved to separate for regeneration.


2.4 Regeneration

Removal of ions collected in service to ‘reset’ the resin beads for continued use.


Stage 3

Plastics recycling. Reusing the plastic for new water filters.

3.1 Grinding

Grinding Sorted and cleaned plastics are fed into grinder.


3.2 Pelleting

Plastics are ground into pellets and filled into bulk bags automatically.


3.3 Full Circle

The end result produces recycled plastic pellets to be used in the manufacture of internal parts for our new water filters.

Full circle

Get Serious About Recycling